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Old Reliable Tech worked with ECMWF to port some of their core libraries (ecCodes and Magics) to Windows - a feat which has never before been managed - and package them on conda-forge. The project was delivered on-budget and ahead of time. ECMWF were so happy with our work that the project was extended to include a Windows port & package for CodesUI and a package for MetView.

Porting ECMWF core software packages to the Windows platform and integrating them through Conda has been a very welcome new feature for us and our users. This work allows users to use these powerful packages for the first time under Windows to access and visualise a wide range of meteorological data provided by ECMWF. Old Reliable Tech's work did not only enable these new possibilities, but also lay the foundations for automatic continuous integration testing and a setup on GitHub to allow for external code contributions. Old Reliable Tech's expertise on Open Source developments and tools enabled a fast and successful implementation.

-- Dr Stephan Siemen
Head of Development Section
Forecast Department, ECMWF